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Alberta Launches Alberta Express Entry Stream

On June 14th, 2018 the Province of Alberta announced that they had launched their Alberta Express Entry Stream.


The Alberta Express Entry Stream will allow candidates with a valid Express Entry profile to be nominated by the Province of Alberta.  Candidates will be selected directly from the Express Entry pool and will not have to first approach the Province of Alberta after having placed themselves in the Express Entry system. Once in the Express Entry system, candidates will be contacted directly by the Province of Alberta, if Alberta is interested in their profile. The candidate will only then be able to submit their application to the Alberta Express Entry Stream. If you do not receive a message from the Province of Alberta through your MyCIC account then you will not be able to apply to this program.

Alberta has stated that “candidates who have demonstrated strong ties to Alberta and who can help support the government’s economic development and diversification priorities will be invited to apply. International graduates will also be invited under this stream.”

No further clarification has been released on the program.

The Province has however stated that they are only allowed to issues 5,600 nominations for the 2018 calendar year. They have already issued 2,277 and they have 4,700 which have been submitted to them and are awaiting review to confirm eligibility.

No further comment has been made on how the above numbers will effect the newly introduced Alberta Express Entry Stream.